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Selling Your Home When Joint Owners Won’t Cooperate

Want to sell your house when there are other owners that don’t want to cooperate?

This is often a problem when families split and couples divorce. It might also be a problem when siblings inherit a property left by their parents.

You might think if you don’t mention the sale it won’t be noticed. The fact isyou must realize the other parties are part owners. If you try to cover it up, it will eventually come to light. So its important to act in good faith and understand that a title search will be done and the truth will come to light.

All of this doesn’t mean you should give up on selling your house.

One option might be approaching a local real estate attorney or title company and see if they might be able to help.

Another option is to approach a reputable local real estate investor like 1010 The Property People who is buying homes in your area. We can help, do the bulk of the work, negotiating, coordinating and convincing the other parties it is in their best interest to cooperate in the sale the property.

If you or someone you know is considering a property sale involving less than cooperative owners call us today at 843-510-1010. We can help! We can possibly make a cash offer acceptable to all parties and close in a timeframe acceptable to all involved.

Remember……. Be transparent and act in good faith.

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